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Arrival to Wrocław and my first step…

…my first step to speak Polish

A Hungarian girl’s Erasmus daily life in Poland arrivalwrclaw1

5, 4, 3, 2, oh my gosh, only one day is left until my travelling. I could not wait until 8th of February, since that was the date, when my big journey was started. At this time, I decided not to travell by plane, but prefer uses Flixbus. It took 10 and a half our to reach Wroclaw from Budapest. While, I was travelling with many internationals passangers, I could admire the beauty of the landscape. It was fascinating! The little villages with the mountains which are covered by the snow, was impressive.

Then, luckily, thanks to God, we have reached the third largest city (Wrocław) in Poland. I have to admit, that I am not  good at orientation at all, so my dearest and biggest best friend is Google Maps. Thanks for it and also to the taxi driver I could easily find my dormitory.

Dwudziestolatka, Piastowska 1 – this is the address of my residence.  Have u ever tried to pronounce it? Just take it easy! It might help, if u practice a lot in fornt of the mirror. Anyway, I live with 3 other erasmus students from  US, Turkey and Bosnia-Hercegovina. They are not only kind but they also like keeping their stuff tidy and clean. THX,THX,THX.

I would like to also tell the story, about my first polish language lectures. Well. As I know nothing in polish, I was at the group of beginners.  Our teacher was a young , kind, enthusiastic lady. She was amazing, as she was trying to explean us the alphabet, how we could say Good morning, Good afternoon, our names. The main reason, why I really apprichiated her teaching metod, was the role playing. We had to play many, many dialogs. Moreover, pictures were shown to us, which were connected to the first lesson. My opinion is that the polish language is not the easiest one since they have a quite complicated consonatism. However, comparing to the English language, it has just 2 grammer tenses. ONLY TWO . I am really grateful for it. On the other hand , polish people use 3 genders: the feminim, the masculim and also the neutron one . Quite similar than german and french.

All in all, I extremely enjoyed the lectures . We laughed a lot at  strange and funny pronunciation. Owing to Michalina ( our teacher) it was useful and also full of fun.

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