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Smacznego, Bon Appetit, Enjoy your meal!, Jó étvágyat!

Polish cuisine

 In my second chapter, I would like to present the traditional Polish dishes and write a little bit about Polish cuisine. Have you ever had the chance to taste Pierogis ( english name : polish dumplings)  , Zurek ( it is a kind of SOUP  made of soured rye flour and meat (usually boiled pork sausage or pieces of smoked sausage, bacon or ham) or Paczek (yummi, you should defenitely try this one  , you would adore it for sure. Be careful! Panczek addiction will be guaranteed)?

I would say, in general the polish cuisine is not easy, since they cook / bake / prepare their meals ,with many sauces, such as garlic souce, sour- cream sauce. For this reason , I eat once a day cooked food,  as I do not want to go home like a little pig. Aaaaaand, what a surprise! Our dear polish friends start their lunch with hot soup. Yummiii . They have several soups with different tastes , like tomato soup , zurek( which I mentioned above), Barszcz ( beet soup, not only tasty , healthy but also it is extremely stodge.  Why do they eat many, many soups? Because of the WEATHER. From 8th of February till now, the weather was windy, stormy, rainy without so many sunshine. Oh nooo, it is not cover the whole truth, as 1 day, I repeat , one day , the sun was shining more than 3 hours. Oh moj Boze = Oh my god , this was fantastic. I could admire the landscape. Ok. Let is write about the reason of so many soups. Because of the  chilly waether , they have to compensate with warm food, drink such as herbata= tea, different kind of shots usually made of vodka. That is all about the connection between the weather and the polish cuisine.


Are you a fun of different kind of coffees? Personally, I adore them, not only their tastes but also the feeling. In my opinion, there is no better feeling, when you drink a special capuccino chy =or latte even a chia tea J.  Here in Wroclaw, many kawiarnas can be found next to a bakery , in shopping malls or in confectinories. Try out one, with your friends . Worth it. Let me mention a personal experience: after a tiring day we have decided to visit LULU cafe. I got there a quite tasty cafe latte machiato with cinamon and cocoa ont he top of it . Mmmm, yummii I can feel the taste in my tongue.


 What can you get in Paczkarnia? Many, many paczkys which are similar to the american donuts but not entirely. You